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bugged for more smiley pics, so here they izz. ignore my shitty hair - damn Jamaican in me makes it impossible sometimes and it’ getting frizzier/wavier by the second. dont have a decent hair straightener around either cuz my sis took it to college). no i don’t crimp my hair it does that naturally. so annoying. like a fuckin permanent wave. haha. i get no sleep either so this is me w/o the makeup and concealer and shit tht normally hides my shitty face and circles/bags under my eyes.

(okay, so they aren’t all smiley, but ..close enuf)

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I Support Marriage Equality
I Support Marriage Equality

Your newest source in the Tumblrverse for the incredible, actor, singer, drop-dead gorgeous Scotsman - John Barrowman. John is most famous for portraying dashing leader of Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness, but he also put out several albums and performed on stage. If you are new to the fandom and just discovered this beautiful man, I would suit up and prep to join the team of Torchwood; but I warn you, it's not a job you can quit. :-)

WARNING: I post/reblog A LOT, and I mean A LOT, (though I try to queue a lot to cut down on the amount of stuff I post) so if you have a problem with having heaps of Barrowman on your dash I suggest you not follow me. If you are like me and are delighted to find a flood of gorgeousness on your screen often then follow away.

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