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"You shouldn’t be here."

"Neither should you."

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Picture Analysis Time (Take 3)

Thanks to Torchmywood!  What a great idea!

Alright.  Because this one has action in it, I spent a lot of time then should be good for my mental health figuring this one out.

Now, I’ve posted two gif.s of this scene because one is better quality, but the other has the beginning part where Ianto is reaching for Jack.

I originally had a gif. of the entire thing, but for some reason, it wasn’t working on tumblr.  So I switched it out until I can find one that does work.  This first part might not make sense without it, so bear with me, please.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The look in Ianto’s eyes is a particular point, right when he realizes that Jack is alive and well.  I interpret it as shocked, relieved, and scared, actually.  Considering he has just betrayed Jack along with the rest of the team, it’s an understandable reaction.  

He looks only at Jack throughout the whole thing, except to step up to the other platform.  Nothing else seems to exist to him, except that man.  It’s sorely heartfelt, and made even more potent by the fact that he was crying into Jack’s coat not too long ago.

Notice how Ianto reaches out to Jack so hesitantly…it makes my heart break.  Ianto is so frightened and unsure that he has Jack’s forgiveness, or even if he deserves that forgiveness in the first place.  Just that simple motion of his hand going out and stopping before he touches him is so poignant and reveals all Ianto’s insecurities about his entire relationship with Jack.  Jack, in himself, is an impenetrable force, so Ianto’s fears are justifiable.  

Moving on to Jack, I notice that he stands still until Ianto reaches out to him.  It’s as if he’s waiting for Ianto to make the first move, to see if Ianto really wants that forgiveness.  But his body language is quite interesting after that.  He reaches out with his left arm as if to invite Ianto in, but Ianto doesn’t move right away, still hesitant.  Jack then steps slightly forward and wraps his right arm around Ianto, drawing him in himself.  

My interpretation of this is that Jack is letting Ianto know through that simple movement that he forgave Ianto long ago.  His pulling Ianto to him is a beautiful reassurance on his part.  Ianto practically falls into Jack, and throws his arms tightly around him, a sign of a need for comfort on both parties and a general need for this relationship.  He is utterly relieved, and you can see him practically deflate into a much more relaxed stance.  Jack’s arms, on the other hand, go around his upper arms and back.  Now this is a definite gesture of comfort and protection, and pulls Ianto closer to him rather than hands about his waist or just on his arms would do.

Now I am going to switch to the first gif. I have here, the one of just the two of them in each others arms.

Ianto has his face buried in the crook of Jack’s neck, and his eyes are closed.  It’s such a vulnerable position for him, but it speaks volumes about how safe he feels with Jack, even after he’s betrayed him.  I would doubt that he notices that anyone else is in the room, as a position such as that indicates his entire attention is focused upon this one man.  Jack’s face is hidden, but I can imagine that his eyes are closed too, or focused on Ianto’s back, trying to tell his lover through actions that everything is alright.

It’s stunning how they simply sway back and forth in each other’s arms, reveling in each other’s presence.  To me, there is more emotion shown there than in the kiss that takes place shortly after.  One cannot tell where one man begins and the other stops, and I doubt that they can either.  They are so close together, as if nothing else in the world matters at that moment.      

Now, the kiss.  What intrigues me most about this part is Jack’s hand placements.  One hand goes to the back of Ianto’s neck, a known vulnerable and tender spot on the human body, and the other strays to his jaw to tilt his head up to receive the kiss.  Both are places of emotional value, and also of a possessive nature.  He is not forcing Ianto in any way, no, but it is a clear message that Ianto is his, in my mind.  They are such tender motions, and such soft touches, that the kiss almost dulls in comparison.  

Ianto’s hand goes down to Jack’s waist, so while Jack pulls away to cup his face, he still has Jack closely pressed to him even as they kiss.  He doesn’t seem to want to let go of Jack even for a moment.

Now that beautiful kiss itself.  It starts out normal, one of reassurance and trust and forgiveness, but I noticed something interesting during it.  As it continues on for a few seconds, their foreheads draw together and touch at the end.  It’s such a tiny detail, but one of the most tender gestures of this entire scene.  To be so comfortable with a person after all that in the past, it’s incredible.  Ianto and Jack, in that tiny moment, don’t care about anything else in the past or future.  They are there, and they are there together.  Nothing else matters.

I love this kiss.  It and one other top my favorites, because it is so touching and heartfelt, and shows such emotion from such simple gestures.  This is one scene that fits directly under the definition of love.

A large thank you again to Torchmywood, who suggested this.

Any other suggestions for my Picture Analysis Time?  I would love to hear them.  Just send me a message.

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Made on the inspiration by, and posted on the insistence of BlinkPink.

Goddammit, Jack and Ianto are so fluffy, it hurts.

I squirmed in my chair from happiness.


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(Source: winterromanova)

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“I’m much more than that. Jack needs me.”

Screw Jack, I need you, IANTO BB DON’T LEAVE ME

you know something.. i’m pretty sure he already has.. many times. :PP

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If this was a real movie, I would not hesitate to watch it. :)

me too!!

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