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This has been a John Barrowman appreciation post.

Thanks for your time.

Several of these are some of my faves. Enjoy!

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FACT: Yes I’m a pretty face, no I’m not a waste of an attractive girl because I’m a lesbian


not a pretty face, in my opinion, but i see where this is coming from. i don’t like when people say s/he is so beautiful/hot/gorgeous, too bad their gay. Sure, if they had a chance in hell with that person, it would suck to find out they are gay because then you know you have no chance in hell, lol. But it’s not a waste of a pretty girl/handsome guy because they are gay. Hey, the gay community needs some gorgeous people too. xD Contrary to what some ignorant straight people say, the whole world is not their for the sole purpose of making them happy, so although finding out a guy you really like (or girl) is gay doesn’t make them any less gorgeous in my eyes and it’s not a waste of a gorgeous person - it is though kinda sucky for me just because I can’t have them, haha, but yay for the lucky bastard who has a shot. :P

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Top 50 Favorite People (Bonus Round):
John Barrowman 

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Mommy? Mr. Barrowman is smouldering me to death again….

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John Barrowman on The One Show (2.4.2012) x ]

this man is gawjus! whenever he smiles i completely melt, and when he laughs i do also, it’s utterly contagious!! I can’t wait to see that new Hustle ep he’s on either! :-D

(he’s lookin mighty good in black here, might i add :P)

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gawjus man he is. gawjus!

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I Support Marriage Equality
I Support Marriage Equality

Your newest source in the Tumblrverse for the incredible, actor, singer, drop-dead gorgeous Scotsman - John Barrowman. John is most famous for portraying dashing leader of Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness, but he also put out several albums and performed on stage. If you are new to the fandom and just discovered this beautiful man, I would suit up and prep to join the team of Torchwood; but I warn you, it's not a job you can quit. :-)

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