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Comic Con (21 July 2011)

i love him! xD  i want to meet him so bad!!

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experimenting w/ new ways to put my GIFsets to get more than the usual 8 (using all ten) and get more colours in it up til the damn limit tumblr set.

what better scene than this one! again! i know i know, but seriously …how can u ever get tired of seein this on ur dash?? xD

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did i mention yet how much i love this episode? lol. amazing!!

When he’s leaving but then stops and comes back to kiss him: instant tears

me too! tearstearstears

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*sighs* :-3

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This is Captain Jack’s theme song, forever. ;)

SSdlfshskdfksjdhfksdfsdlkfjsdkf this just makes me want to go watch ALL OF THE TORCHWOOD EPISODES. This whole post just made my entire day. Oh Jack. YOU SEXY BEAST. 

he’s sexxi and i know it! :P”

(Source: thepondmethod / igapromotion)

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I wouldn’t mind Jack having me up against a wall. ;-P Although, my definition of having up against a wall are a lot different in my head than what’s happening here. :P” haha. (it does start something like the first GIF tho ;-))

In the fourth gif Gwen’s like Oh god, his eyes are beautiful and i can’t hold in my repressed sexual feelings for him in this position

Or maybe that’s just me

lol i agree. she’s all like ‘can’t.look.away.so.gorgeous.’

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JACK: Going as fast as we can. If we don’t, we won’t feel a thing. We’re at the center of the blast radius. 
TOSH: That’s comforting.
JACK: Come on! Have a little faith! With a dashing hero like me on the case, how can we fail?
IANTO: He is dashing, you have to give him that.

xD love tht line. and i love how serious Ianto still looks when he says it. haha.

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Smirking John.

he’s such a cutie

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If this was a real movie, I would not hesitate to watch it. :)

me too!!

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I Support Marriage Equality

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